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Ulita Industries

Ulita Industries in Sheboygan, Wisconsin designed small non-rigid airships for several years. Headed by Thomas Berger Ulita developed several utility airships including the LUA-1 and semi-rigid LUA-2 projects. Their most successful and appealing design, however, was, in my opinion, the UM 10-23 blimp projected to be certified in the ARV air recreational vehicle category.

The UM 10-23 can carry two persons, is powered by twin three cylinder König engines and features vectored thrust. Besides this well thought out undercarriage, the UM 10 has a revolutionary tail fin configuration. The rudders form an inverted 'V' that is closed off by a horizontal elevator plane forming a closed box. This design facilitates the mounting of the rudders during or after inflation. In addition, the box construction provides excellent rigidity to the tail fins resulting in more precise movement of the rudder surfaces.

Unfortunately the Company seems to have disappeared without leaving any kind of marks.

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