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Experimental Balloon and Airship Association

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The EBAA is a loose congregation of aeronauts who have built, are flying or own any sort of Experimental, Ultralight or Homebuilt Lighter-Than-Air Craft. Vehicles owned and built by members are mostly hot air balloons but also include hot air airships, gas balloons and gas airships. Every person fitting the above description is automatically a member. One can also be an associate member by being in contact with Brian Boland. The whole association is formed around Brian Boland and the Post Mills Airport.

An annual gathering of EBAA members took place each spring at the Post Mills Airport (2B9) in Post Mills, Vermont, until 2001. For three days, dozens of experimental balloonists would come together to fly their new creations. Builders and pilots shared ideas, experiences and knowledge, which made the event a learning experience for all attending. The last such meeting took place in May 2001. For an excellent impression of the 8th (and unfortunately last) Experimental Balloon and Airship Meet, see Roland Escher's photo album.

For more information about the EBAA, please contact Brian Boland.

	Experimental Balloon and Airship Association
	P.O. Box 51
	Post Mills, VT  05058
	Tel: (802) 333-9254
	E-mail: balloons@vermontel.net

If you want to build a balloon, there are some good ways to find information. To get started, get all back issues of the Balloon Builders' Journal from an other balloonist. It contains excellent reports, general information and instructions. If possible, attend the EBAA Meet, where you will be able to inspect a great variety of homebuilt balloons and get to meet many builders. Then, Brian Boland is definately one of the persons to talk to since he offers plans, materials and balloon kits and sells a helpful information package.

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This is the official home page for the EBAA in the measure that it is acknowledged by Brian Boland. You should however not take all of its content to be the absolute truth. If you're in doubt about something, please check with Brian first. Always get professional advice when building a balloon or airship. This page is maintained by Roland Escher (webmaster@myairship.com). counter

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