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The Airship and Blimp Resources ("Airship Resources" for short) provide information about airships to both novices and seasoned airship enthusiasts. The main focus is on contemporary development, rather than history. Explore this site and you will see why airships are destined to a bright future.

In the five years since the inception of the Airship Resources, I have spent hundreds of hours working on their content. I was initially more interested in gathering information on radio controlled blimps. But some of the contacts and discoveries I made shifted my interest to building and flying manned airships and balloons.

Experimental aviation is an absolutely fantastic opportunity. I hope that the Airship Resources will help to spread the construction and operation of amateur-built aerostats around the world. This is also why the Experimental Balloon and Airship Association (EBAA) has its home on this web site.

May your dreams be lighter than air and may your lighter-than-air dreams come true!
/s/ Roland Escher
Roland Escher
New York, March 2000

The Airship Resources were established in March 1995.

This web site is produced on an Apple iBook.

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