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Personal and General

  • Airship and Blimp Resources - covering all aspects of contemporary airship development.
  • AIRSHIP - "The Home Page for Lighter-Than-Air Craft", informative and complete, maintained by John Dziadecki. Make sure to read the Announcements page there.
  • Blimp Europa N2A - excellent site with current news maintained by Thierry Detable [French and English].
  • Modern Airships - great pictures by Christian Michel [German and English].
  • Luftschiff-Homepage - detailed page maintained by Jens Schenkenberger [German and English].
  • Pierre Ponomareff - site of a French airship pilot with good pictures [French only].
  • Les Dirigeables - excellent airship site by Felix Buttin [French only].
  • Ballon Sport Bölling - RC model balloons and hot air, helium and RC airships by Michael Bölling.

History and Pictures

Commercial Pages

Miscellaneous Pages

If you know of an airship or experimental ballooning page that is not listed here, please let me know ( so that I can add it to the lists.

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