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This list is based on the article that appeared in the May-June 1994 issue of Buoyant Flight, the bulletin of the Lighter-Than-Air Society. Great thanks to Eric Brothers, the editor of Buoyant Flight.

This is the bi-monthly publication of the British Balloon and Airship Club.

This is the quarterly journal of the Airship Association in London, England. If you want to be up to date about the airship industry and its development, Airship is the journal that covers all relevant events and topics. The magazine is free to members of the association. It features a very detailed UK and World News section that covers most current developments in addition to many comprehensive and revealing articles. All airship developers who hold something of themselves communicate their progress to the Airship Association and Airship is clearly the most comprehensive publication about the airship industry.

The Airship Homebuilder
This quarterly bulletin of airship design and history is published by Jesse Blen "to present and analyze information both old and new, to save time and uncertainty, and encourage safety and sensible innovation." It is published in serial form, covering the design process step by step, with an emphasis on one- and two-place Experimental category helium airships. Subscriptions are US$10 in the USA and US$15 for foreign destinations. For more information contact the editor: Jesse Blen, The Airship Homebuilder, Rt 2, Box 53-4, Elba, AL 36323, USA.

AirshipWorld Journal
Formerly known as Gasbag Journal, AirshipWorld Journal is the quarterly magazine of the New Zealand Lighter Than Air Institute. For reasons of efficiency AirshipWorld Journal is published jointly with Aerostation, the magazine of the Association of Balloon and Airship Constructors. The combined magazine is distributed free of charge to the members of both groups.

Balloon Builders' Journal
If you are interested in balloon construction or if you are considering your own project, BBJ will tell you all you need to know and carry you through many stages of the process. The journal features articles on the many problems balloon homebuilders face. Unfortunately, BBJ is no longer published as of early 1999 and back-issues are not available.

The Journal of the Balloon Federation of America. This is the largest circulation lighter-than-air publication in the world. Cost is $45/year US, which also gets you a monthly 24-page newsletter, Skylines. Subscription address is: P.O. Box 400, Indianola, Iowa 50125.

Balloon Life
A well-illustrated, independent publication about sport ballooning. It has featured articles on hot air airship operation and competition in the past. It is published monthly and available for US$30 in the USA, US$33 in Canada or Mexico, and for US$66 in other countries, sent by airmail.The address is 2145 Dale Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95815.

Buoyant Flight
This is the bi-monthly bulletin of the LTA Society in Akron, Ohio, USA. It is distributed free of charge to members of the Society. It is very good for information on both history and actuality of airships and blimps.

Noon Balloon
The official newsletter of the Naval Airship Association is distributed free of charge to members.

UltraFlight Magazine
This is a new "grass-roots" monthly magazine devoted almost exclusively to ultralights. Its articles span 65 pages, mostly in black and white. It supposedly covers ALL types of ultralights including powered parachutes, rotaries, balloons, trikes and gliders.

Also check out this very complete List of Balloon Periodicals maintained by Frank Wimler.

If there are any publications covering airship topics that I missed, please tell me so that I may add them to this list (

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